Future Lenses

Sini Majuri




  • Rakennukset, sisäpuoli
  • Rakennukset, ulkopuoli
  • Valo
  • Veistos


The background of the installation is that glass is one of the important key technologies, from which the modern world has evolved. Eyeglasses, microscopes and telescopes have brought the development forward. Even the internet is basically made of glass. In 2050 we might have room for softer technologies that preserve our dreams and the nature for future generations.
The lenses reflect three levels of time: past, present and future. The present moment is a white lens, which screens the the surrounding space transforming it into a dreamlike reflection. The black lens of the future shows the star chart from 2050. The transparent lens of the past perpetuate the annual rings of a tree. Natural light reveals the hidden rings of the glass material. These shadow rings draw up the possible futures that shift in the cycle of the sun. This lens is about future technologies that preserve the nature.

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