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Growing, Mural Rural Festival, May-August 2021.

A large mural painting by Bekim Hasaj and Valentina Gelain was made for the MuralRural Festival organized by Art In Malakta rf. It is actually located in Malax comune, at Jarla products next by the river.

” A face that is mirroring in the water and, on clear days, will find its double that will complete itself.
Eye reflecting the sky… or is it full of sky? A sun is glowing in that absorbed gaze.
A rain of color bathes that face, with the shades of the seasons, and makes it grow to the rhythm of the land and the forest.
Sucking the nourishment with the firm roots, it changes and grows, while its mind is intersecting in branches of life… in a flourishing metamorphosis.”

Thank you: Malakta ry/rf | Jarla Products Oy | Ramirent Finland Oy.

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